Yankee Souvenirs

What happened to the McHatton possessions? They left Arlington Point on short notice. But, they secured many of their possessions with neighbors. Eliza heard some of their family portraits ended up in Negro cabins in the area. She had some china which the family received as a wedding anniversary gift. They had never actually unpacked it. The china remained in a cask. A neighbor sent the china to Eliza’s widowed sister’s plantation on Bayou Fordoche in central Louisiana. During the trip, General Lawlor, the local Union commander, “captured” the china. This was probably Michael Kelly Lawlor, Commander of the Artillery Corps of the Federal Army of Louisiana.

Eliza’s sister tried to recover the china, but last the sister heard, the china was shipped north to Gen. Lawlor’s family. All the McHattons could recover, once they were situated in Cuba, was their old books. The rest had been “appropriated” by someone else. And, the Lawlor family had a “souvenir” of the general’s time in Louisiana. No doubt, the general told his family the “found” the china somewhere abandoned.

Eliza McHatton-Ripley, From Flag to Flag (United Kingdom: Dodo Press 2009) (reprint), pp. 103

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