Rumors of a New General

On May 29, 1862, Clara noted the rumors that Gen. Butler would soon be replaced by Gen. Nathaniel Banks. She insisted in her Diary that she would not give into rumors, but she did just a bit. She, like the entire city, was desperate to get rid of Beast Butler. In truth, he would be replaced in a few months by Gen. Banks. But not yet.

Clara found herself giving in to the allure again of her precious Delta newspaper. It was a Union newspaper, but it was also the only newspaper which provided actual information. It must have been difficult for the newspapers to obtain information about the war, especially pro-Confederate news of the war.

Clara chatted with her friends on the street, as they often did. But, after a few minutes,  they had to split up, lest they be suspected of seditious activity by the occupation forces.


Elliott Ashkenazi , ed., The Civil War Diary of Clara Solomon (Baton Rouge: LSU Press 1995), p. 380-384.

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